Electronic Consent Form

Protecting your privacy and providing an understanding of how your information is used is important. With evolving technology, we may reach out to you electronically. Your email will be used to contact you for service related items, as well as opportunities to help serve you better. This may include advice on helping you reach your financial goals, credit union events, research or surveys, special rates or promotions, or updates that could affect you. We won't fill up your email, we promise! If at any time you find that you prefer not to receive communications in this way, you can manage your email preferences or unsubscribe.

*If I provide the Credit Union with a fax number, email address, cell phone number or contact information for any other electronic communication medium, I consent to and authorize the Credit Union to communicate with me electronically via that medium and to accept and act upon direction received via that medium. I recognize such electronic communications may not be completely secure and I agree to accept that risk and to take the steps I deem necessary to ensure the medium is secure. I acknowledge and agree that the Credit Union may, in its sole discretion, require additional instruction, documentation and/or verification before accepting or acting upon any electronic communication from me. I acknowledge and agree that the Credit Union may not be responsible for any damages I may incur in the event that: (i) a third party obtains access to confidential information via the electronic communication exchange; or (ii) the Credit Union acts upon an unauthorized electronic banking transaction or communication received via that medium.

For further information, we welcome you to view our
Privacy Code page and Terms and Conditions